The A.C.T. of Establishing Brand Loyalty

For targeting new customers or markets, or introducing new products, we employ our simple A.C.T. system: Create AWARENESS and build customer CONFIDENCE...which will eventually lead to TRIAL of your product or service. Remember, marketing is not an activity, but a PROCESS—a strategic process designed to build brand loyalty.

Let's take a look at each step:

Awareness (also known as "Reach"):

•  Is your company well-known? Is your logo recognizable? Do you even have a logo? 

• Are your competitors well-known?

• Is your company well-established in the market? How established are your competitors?

This is where we get an overall sense of where the company stands in its marketplace. Based on this information we will develop a marketing plan and create a brand identity (or re-brand, if necessary).

Confidence (also known as "Frequency"):

How confident are customers in your company? Do you have a good reputation? Are you trustworthy or do you need to build trust? Do you advertise consistently or are you 'one and done'? 

What happens when a company advertises inconsistently, or stops advertising altogether? People think they have gone out of business! Something as simple as vehicle signs can keep your company top-of-mind. People are confident in companies that they see advertised regularly.

At this stage, we are employing the tactics outlined in the marketing plan to build consumer confidence.

Trial (also known as "Call to Action"):

Are people confident enough in your product or service to give it a try, or do we need to add a strong call-to-action to motivate people to act?

Once you've gotten customers to try your product or service, the focus turns to retaining them as loyal customers. But remember, no matter how good your product or service may be, superior customer service is paramount! It's all a matter of Trust. (see next Blog post...)